The fact that in national and global system the achievements of individuals and societies get through the understanding of education and teaching which is led by knowledge and quality is a widely-accepted fact. Ağlasun Vocational Higher School, guided by this fact, adopted the search for the aim of sustainable quality based on continuous improvement in the school atmosphere.
In this frame, the offer of Süleyman Demirel University Rectorship about founding a vocational higher school related to itself in the district of Ağlasun in Burdur was reviewed in Higher Education General Committee Meeting in 16/04/2002 and in consideration of the law of 2547, in the context of the law of 2880 - 7/d-2, the mentioned offer was regarded proper, and Associate Professor Dr. Murat Ali Turupçu was appointed to the position of “founder manager”. In 2004 Assistant Professor Dr. Adem Korkmaz was appointed to the position of “higher vocational school manager”. In 2006 our higher vocational school was connected to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University. In 2006 Assistant Professor Dr. Mehmet Gençtürk was appointed to the same position vicariously. Associate Professor Dr. Salih Ceylan who became the manager of the school in May, 2008 served until May 2011 and then Associate Professor Dr. Kadir Şeker was appointed to the same position and he is still the manager of the school.
Ağlasun Higher Vocational School which started education-teaching in 2002 with the programmes of Office Services and Secretaryship and Accounting and Tax with quotas of 40 students for each was developed with the act of starting the programme of Management and Organization. In 2004 two evening education programmes of Office Services and Secretaryship and Accounting and Tax were started and the quotas increased to 80 students for each.
In 2007 Foreign Trade Programme started. In 2008 Finance-Banking and Insurance and Foreign Trade (Evening Education) programmes started. In addition with the 2009-2010 academic calendar Computer Technologies Programme started to take students.           

Our school continues to give education with about 1050 students now. In our school which had 3 academic staff in 2002, the number of our academic staff reached up to 15 in 2011 and the number of administrative staff which was 2 in 2002 reached up to 15 in 2011.