AGLASUN - Sagalassos

Sagalassos is an ancient city located  7 km  northeast of  Aglasun county which is 11 km away from Antalya, 33 km from Burdur. Once served as a capital of Pisidia in Ancient Greece, most of the structure of this city has partially  survived.   The best  one is the ancient theatre among them all. The ruins of city built an inclined land  at 1450-1700 m. altitude,  spread over an area covering  2.5 km east-west direction, and 1.5 km of the north-south direction which is a part of the southern slopes of the Taurus Mountains  of Ağlasun mountain. First discovered by French traveler Paul Lucas in 1706, the archaeological excavations at Sagalassos launched in 1990. Referred to glory  of its fountains, Sagalassos is known  for its 9,000-seat theater which is  the world's highest  and unique rock tombs. The busts of Ares, Heracles, Hermes, Zeus, Athena and Poseidon dated to Trajan period are considered important examples of antique sculpture found in Sagalassos. In addition, two floors of the  Roman bath with many pools in it have reached well up to the present day (2005).The intended target is to rebuilt  all kinds of destroyed structure atificially and tell ancient Rome and it's time to do it again.